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Solar energy, Europe's favourite alternative

According to the last Eurobarometer, the European Commission's periodical survey, solar energy is the energy alternative preferred by European citizens. 48% of those surveyed believe that solar energy should be the main focus in the government's aim to tackle our current dependence on imported oil, while 31% of them chose wind power. An additional 41% chose the option of developing new technologies such as hydrogen (the source to produce it was not specified) and clean coal. Nuclear power was last in the ranking, with a mere 12%.

"We perceive the support towards renewables as motivating", declared Mahi Sideridou, Greenpeace's EU Head for Climate Change. "In those countries that already have experiences with solar energy, such as Austria, Germany, Greece and Cyprus, citizens are strongly in favour", he added.

However, the survey showed that Europeans are hardly in favour of paying more for renewable energies. Some 54% stated not to be willing to pay any more money. However, around 27% would pay an additional amount, as long as the increase is below 5%. Spain is amongst the countries most willing to pay, together with Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Holland, the UK and France.

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