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Spain's first renewable energy summit: 25% off for Energias Renovables subscribers

Energías Renovables subscribers interested in attending the solar energy summit that we will host in Madrid on the 21st and 22nd of November will have a 25% discount on the registration fee. As we have announced in our solar newsletter during the last weeks, Energias Renovables will host a solar fair in Madrid in November.

Industry professionals, teachers and students, energy and environment staff from the administrations, technicians and installers, NGOs, concerned persons or potential users… All of you are invited to participate in the summit, split in two days: on the 21st of November we will focus on solar thermal energy, while the focus will be solar PV during the 22nd.

The purpose of the summit is to spread, in a clear and direct way, the numerous choices that solar energy offers, both for electricity applications and climatization ones, subsidies available, obstacles slowing down its growth and the high degree of development that these technologies have achieved.

Energias Renovables subscribers have a 25% discount on the registration fee, which normally amounts to 290 euros + VAT for each day. The summit program and its contents are available at:
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