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Anesco’s O&M team secures 10 new solar farm contracts
Anesco is to provide operations and maintenance services for a further 10 UK solar farms, on behalf of Foresight Group and Alpha Real Renewables. The sites have a combined operational capacity of 71M...
Iconic Electric London Taxi is now on sale in Japan
London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has launched its electric TX model at an exclusive event in Tokyo today (10th January 2020) and it may therefore soon become a familiar sight in Japanese streets...
New Jersey Congressman announces CLEAN Future Act
The plan details deep decarbonization strategies for each sector of the U.S. economy within the Energy and Commerce Committee’s jurisdiction and novel concept for achieving nationwide net-zero green...
Renewable power costs continue to fall

Renewable energy has become the most cost-effective way to generate electric power for hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are not on the grid, a new IRENA policy brief reveals.